These 5 Best Foods For A Yoga Lifestyle May Surprise You

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You Yoga What You Eat

The Yoga Lifestyle is about living your life the best you can.  We all know the importance of approaching your yoga routine with the proper mindset.   But are you aware that its also important to come to the routine with the right kinds of foods in your stomach.

No matter which style of yoga you practice, you need to choose foods that are optimal for flexibility, lightness and strength.   Additionally, because of all the twisting, flexing and core strengthening, yoga effects the digestive system.  So eating foods that are light, easy to digest and anti-inflammatory is vital.

Check out the 5 best yoga lifestyle foods below.  Also, make sure you scroll to page 2 whit a video of the 5 Worst Foods For A Yoga Lifestyle.

The three instructors we heard from were Katlyn Daoust, Dr. Gabrielle Francis, and Theresa Polley. Daoust is a 200-hour certified vinyasa instructor at CorePower Yoga in Minneapolis. CorePower aims to hold “onto the magic of yoga, while upping the intensity factor for a more powerful, purposeful workout.”

Dr. Francis, a naturopathic doctor, practicing yogi, and author of The Rockstar Remedy, has practiced holistic medicine for over 33 years. Her practice, in New York City, emphasizes that there are many ways to heal through both natural means and yoga. Theresa Polley, a yoga retreat host and founder as well as instructor in Mineola, Texas, has taught yoga for 12 years. Her women’s retreat, Retreat in the Pines, provides weekend getaways that foster a sense of community and relaxation through the practice of yoga…

Do: Fish

best sardines

Protein-packed fish not only promotes digestive lightness but also the building blocks necessary for fueling and replenishing fatigued muscles. Salmon, sardines, and tuna will provide both physical and mental benefits key to anyone’s practice.

Do: Quinoa

best quinoa

“One of the best foods for yoga is quinoa. It is a whole grain that packs a powerful nutrition punch and has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. It is also high in protein… and gluten-free,” says Polley. “It’s good as a source of energy before yoga (at least two hours before) or to help rebuild muscles after yoga.”

Do: Smoothies

best smoothies

“Between practicing and teaching yoga, I often spend hours at a time at the studio and don’t have a moment to stop for a dedicated meal, so snacks and on-the-go foods have become my saving grace,” says Daoust. “I’ll usually blend a smoothie the night before so it’s ready to grab from my fridge.” She suggests tossing spinach, spirulina, banana, chia, and bee pollen into a smoothie to promote lightness and energy.

Do: Sweet Potatoes

best sweet potatoes

If you’re looking for lasting energy a few hours before class, you can’t go wrong whipping up a sweet potato. Rich in complex carbohydrates, sweet potatoes will provide your body with enough energy to get through the most arduous of classes as well as a good dose of dietary fiber.

Do: Yogurt

best yogurt

Daoust’s focus on lightness includes organic yogurt. High in protein and naturally probiotic, yogurt provides essential nutrients without a feeling of heaviness.

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